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About Us

Horizon Properties is led by Janet Regan. Janet holds a broker license with the California Bureau of Real Estate. She has been working in property management since 1978, starting Horizon Properties in 1988. Currently, Horizon Properties manages just over 600 rental units, including single-family homes, condos and townhouses throughout the greater Sacramento area. The company has a staff of 14 dedicated property management professionals who are ready to devote their maximum attention to each of these properties.

At Horizon Properties, we never charge a start-up fee, and you will pay nothing for our services until your property is first rented. Inspections, photographs, reports, year-end statements and similar services are not given a separate fee but are included in your normal payment. We also guarantee tenant placement for the entire term of the initial lease, and provide a 90-day money back guarantee for our services.

Let our management team be your support as you enter the real estate investment world or seek to maximize the investments you already own. Whether through email, letter, fax or phone, we will keep you updated about your properties so you can keep them profitable. Contact us today to learn more and request an info packet about our ownership services!