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Free Rent Analysis: market-based value

Horizon Properties logo, Real Property ManagementIn the greater Sacramento area we have seen huge changes in the asking rent for available properties. The demand for available properties and the asking rent has increased significantly. At Horizon Properties, we are committed to keeping your property competitive and tenant occupied.

Free Rent Analysis

Our Free Rent Analysis is the first step in understanding how profitable your rental property may be. If you are considering property management for your property or seeking to increase the rent to meet the market, allow us to provide a Free Rent Analysis to you.

Follow this link for your: Free Rent Analysis

Whether you are looking for management services, need a tenant for an available property or are looking for a rental home, Horizon Properties is here to serve. Take some time to get to know us, our available homes and our management services today, and let us help you make an informed decision about your rental needs.

Fraud: Falsified Application Documents

Application Fraud

Over the last few months, we have noticed a huge increase of falsified documents submitted by applicants. With the wide range of technological opportunities, it has become easy for applicants to create fake pay-stubs, bank statements and rental references. “According to industry studies, 80% of fraudulent incomes reported in lending applications actually are really misinterpretations in the original form. This said, customers with no financial source of income or with low income, can find an alternative to faux pay stubs to qualify for a loan” or rental homes. “A number of video websites have surfaced that can teach anyone with a little interest how to create counterfeit pay stubs to get a clear pass.” With this risk, it has become critical that property management companies be extremely vigilant in verifying, and in some cases re-verifying application documents submitted by applicants. In doing so, the turnaround time for application processing has almost doubled. “Income fraud is the easiest to perform and the most difficult one to be identified by the lender, but before going any further with this process, one must know that creation of any such phony pay stub is illegal and absolutely off limits! This can result in a misdemeanor and/or felony and can cost offenders incarceration and/or fines.” Applicants are often unaware of the repercussions associated with such fraud and believe a denial of the application may be the only consequence they could face.

Case Study

Most recently we dealt with a case where an applicant not only falsified their paystubs, but they also falsified the employment. The supposed employer was promptly contacted, and we received a faxed confirmation that the pay stub in question was real; however further investigation revealed that not only was the pay stub fraudulent, the applicant had someone on the inside at that company who defrauded the confirmation. The fact that we were able to save that owner from a possible eviction is huge and speaks to why they need a professional property manager that has the knowledge and means to conduct comprehensive applicant verifications. The Broker of Horizon Properties even visited a company in person to verify someone’s paystubs when everything looked good on paper, but something didn’t seem right. The applicant turned out to be a huge drug dealer.

It is important to know that Horizon Properties conducts thorough application processing; in doing so, we hope to provide our property owners with the best and most qualified tenants to care for and reside at their properties.


Advice Desk: negotiating a fair price with vendors

Negotiating a fair price

Always make sure you compare apples with apples when getting any work done. Our regular house painter had been with us for 14 years when he quoted $1200 to paint a newly-vacant house. As with all our vendors, he has a license and insurance. The owner of the property was not happy with the estimate and found someone to do the work for $200 less. When we inspected the house after the painting was finished, we found that the insides of the closets and the ceilings were not painted. It appears that the owner was taken advantage of because our painter’s bid would have been far lower if he only had to paint the walls. Make sure that when you get multiple estimates they provide numbers as well as details so you can make sure you get what you pay for.

At Horizon Properties we are always seeking qualified vendors who provide fair estimates and quality workmanship to serve your needs. Our ongoing inspections keep you up to date on any necessary or cosmetic repairs you may need to know about. Our vetted vendors, many who have been doing work for Horizon Properties for more than 10 years, will benefit you when it is time to make a decision about work needed at your property.

Tenant Relations: an important component of property management

Broken window with flowers in a vase.

Tenant Relations

Tenant relations is an important component of the property management equation. I have been in the property management business for more than 37 years, yet there are always new things that pop up. This is one of the things I love most about this industry – it is never boring!

Long ago tenants were treated as second-class citizens. The properties available for rent were not usually cared for in the same way as a house one might purchase for their home. Today, however, tenants are as important and have as much of a voice as everyone else. Many of today’s tenants are people who choose to rent instead of own but still expect high-quality housing and attention to problems in a timely manner. There are still some clients who do not agree with this new rental model.

Today we were faced with a tenant who had a roof leak which caused significant damage to their living room ceiling. The owner chose not to repair the ceiling because the roof had been replaced and there was no longer a leak. The problem is that the ceiling was in good repair when the tenant moved in and they deserve to have a good ceiling now. Not only is it unsightly, it could potentially pose a health hazard. Gone are the days when you can opt out of doing the right thing just because you don’t want to. We choose not to wait for the tenant to report the problem to Fair Housing and city code enforcement. In an effort to provide the best service to both our clients and our tenants, we are making sure this ceiling is repaired. If it takes numerous estimates and photos to make the case with the owner, that’s what will be done. So, when faced with how to handle a situation, put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see how best to help them.

Rental or Own? What’s Cheaper?

Wall hanging of the word homeRental Vs. Owning

Recently in an article written by Benjy Egel of The Sacramento Bee, “Median home ownership and rental prices are further apart in the Sacramento metropolitan area than nearly any of the most populous U.S. regions, according to an Urban Institute report released Monday.

”The 6.5 percentage-point “rent gap” is fifth-highest in the nation, with San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and San Diego metropolitan areas all showing greater discrepancies.”

“Median home resale values in Sacramento County rose by 10 percent from October 2016 to October 2017, CoreLogic reported last week. Urban Institute’s study, which included CoreLogic data, reported Sacramento-area homes were the eighth-most expensive of the 33 areas surveyed, while rental properties ranked 15th.”

If you are curious about this gap and how it affects you, check out this tool provided by Zillow.

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Would you like to know what you can afford to pay for rent? Have a look at this calculator from Zillow.

Rent Affordability Calculator


Sacramento Bee: “Cheaper to rent than own a house in Sacramento in one of nation’s widest gaps, report finds” By Benjy Egel Rent Vs. Buy Calculator and Rent Affordability Calculator

The State of the Market: Understanding Where It’s Headed

Recent News

There is a lot of news lately about the rental market and where it’s headed. As usual there’s a number of things that affect the market, but to effectively harness the momentum, we need to look at the common denominators.

Keys in hand

• Investors and investment firms are purchasing thousands of homes at a time when homes enter foreclosure. These homes are then turned into rentals, thus capturing a huge chunk of the rental market and taking homes out of the purchase pool.

• New home builders are creating rental only communities and/or building homes for rent within subdivisions to capture a portion of the rental market. These rentals are often outfitted with top of the line appliances and desirable features not found in older rentals.

• Bay area transplants with higher incomes have created an environment of uncertainty for lower income families. This happens in neighborhoods that have seen large rent increases due to gentrification, house flipping and rapid market changes that increase the asking rent amount.

• The greater Sacramento area has seen a lot of improvement for lifestyle. The new arena, hospitality industry and entertainment has placed Sacramento on the list of hot destination spots. Midtown Sacramento is a fine example of how lifestyle has impacted asking rent amounts.

The market is not the only thing that has evolved. Less homes are being purchased and more homes are being rented as Millennials become a major force in the market. The security of homeownership is  being replaced by the flexibility that renting provides.


In summary, the rental market is on fire and blazing hot. Big investment players, less home buyers, out of area transplants, appealing lifestyle and entertainment choices and the gentrification of lower income neighborhoods will continue to keep the market blazing.


Sacramento Bee: “These new homes have shiny appliances and granite counters, but you can’t buy them.” By Hudson Sangree

Sacramento News & Review: “Rents gone wild: Sacramento is one of the hottest rental markets in the country. Can you still afford it?” By Nick Miller “Amid Bay Area exodus to Sacramento, low-income families at risk of being pushed out, study finds” By Katy Murphy

Welcome to the Horizon Properties blog page!

Horizon Properties logo - Building a RelationshipOur posts will cover a wide range of topics and will be a place you can depend on for current news and events. Whether you are a homeowner, tenant or vendor, this blog will have something for everyone.

Building a Relationship

At Horizon Properties we focus on the business relationship between all parties. A rental property is a business relationship. Without responsible tenants, rental properties do not create income. Without owners who are willing to take care of their properties, there would be no tenants. And without vendors who are diligent and responsive to our tenants’ needs, the properties would not be in good condition. We proudly represent the owner and the tenant.

Quality vendor relationships are just as important. Quick estimates, reasonable prices and quality work are needed to maintain the property and keep the tenants happy. While it is true that you cannot please everyone, we are confident that our systems and technology, backed by our hard-working staff, will keep this relationship strong.

As the market evolves, we evolve with it. We meet the market demands and do our best to optimize the investments that many of the properties under our care represent. Just like our name implies, Horizon Properties is always looking at the horizon and adjusting course accordingly.