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Advice Desk: negotiating a fair price with vendors

Negotiating a fair price

Always make sure you compare apples with apples when getting any work done. Our regular house painter had been with us for 14 years when he quoted $1200 to paint a newly-vacant house. As with all our vendors, he has a license and insurance. The owner of the property was not happy with the estimate and found someone to do the work for $200 less. When we inspected the house after the painting was finished, we found that the insides of the closets and the ceilings were not painted. It appears that the owner was taken advantage of because our painter’s bid would have been far lower if he only had to paint the walls. Make sure that when you get multiple estimates they provide numbers as well as details so you can make sure you get what you pay for.

At Horizon Properties we are always seeking qualified vendors who provide fair estimates and quality workmanship to serve your needs. Our ongoing inspections keep you up to date on any necessary or cosmetic repairs you may need to know about. Our vetted vendors, many who have been doing work for Horizon Properties for more than 10 years, will benefit you when it is time to make a decision about work needed at your property.

Posted by: horizon on April 27, 2018
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