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Management Services

What We Provide

Management means taking care of each property as though it were our own, including:

  • Thorough market rent evaluation
  • Unmatched sweeping marketing campaign on available properties
  • Showings conducted 7 days a week at the applicants’ convenience
  • Investigative-quality application processing
  • Comprehensive inspections of your home, inside and out
  • Round-the-clock maintenance management
  • All communication with the tenants
  • Timely collection of rent
  • Payment of all bills (mortgage, taxes, water/sewer/trash, insurance, etc)
  • Direct Deposit of owner funds processed on the 6th of the month
  • Copies of all bills for which funds are expended

We do it all for you. Still, owner input is encouraged and always welcomed.


  • No start-up fee
  • No charge for our services until the property is first rented
  • No charge for any of our inspections, photographs, reports, year-end statements, etc.
  • Tenant placement guaranteed for entire term of the initial lease
  • 90-day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • No mark-up on invoices, nor do we accept rebates or kick-backs

About Us

Janet Regan is a Broker licensed with the California Bureau of Real Estate. She has been managing properties since 1978 and founded Horizon Properties in 1988. With just over 600 rental units to manage and a staff of 14, Horizon Properties is able to devote maximum attention to each property!

Let our management group be your support. We can act on your behalf and report to you when needed. Whether via email, letter, fax or telephone, we will keep you apprised of everything regarding your property.


What HP does to keep maintenance costs under control:

  • No in-house maintenance, only licensed and insured independent contractors
  • Estimates provided for owner approval on all repairs above the dollar limit YOU set
  • Full documentation by repairmen of any repair caused by tenant negligence or abuse, so that tenants may be held responsible
  • 24-hour pager number so that tenants may always reach a live person in cases of emergency
  • Online and printed support for tenants give instructions and recommendations for preventative maintenance
  • Addressing common problems and troubleshooting over the phone to avoid unnecessary repair


Drive-by inspections with a written report are performed regularly. We also produce a complete digital photographic record of the property at each interior/exterior inspection at no extra charge.

General interior/exterior inspections are conducted when we take over management, when we move tenants in and out, when roommates move out, approximately six months after each new tenant moves in (to get a feel for how they care for the property), and at least annually thereafter

All inspections are standard to our service and are provided at no additional cost to you.

Among other things, we check furnace filters, smoke detectors, grout/caulk, glass and screens, all kitchen and bathroom plumbing, and more.

If a problem is found to exist, we can quickly implement corrective action. Through this policy, we feel that unnecessary repair expenses can often be diminished or eliminated.

Filling Vacancies

Timely placement of qualified tenants is critical to your bottom line. When a 30-day notice is received, we spring into action. You get:

  • Immediate notification
  • Professional recommendation regarding rent amount
  • A professional FOR RENT sign promptly placed at the property
  • A strategic, well-designed listing for your property, placed on our Available Properties page.
  • An extensive narrative description and up to 50 photographs at NO extra charge!
  • Tireless and sweeping use of the Internet, including craigslist and over a dozen other high- traffic sites, for maximum exposure
  • Email notification sent to our waiting list of prospective tenants looking for a property like yours
  • Showings that are flexibly scheduled to accommodate tenants, including weekends, holidays and evenings
  • A thorough professional lease to safeguard your interests

Every week we have a staff meeting regarding all available properties. We review the database of information for each property, including how many people called about that property the prior week, how many people set up an appointment to see it, if we have any applications pending, etc. We determine if the rent is appropriate for your property in its location at that time of year based on current market conditions and make adjustments accordingly within the guidelines set by you, the owner.

Every effort is made to minimize the amount of time a property remains vacant. We even return calls and show vacancies on weekends, on holidays and in the evening.


We pay any bills associated with your rental home that you wish for us to, including mortgage, insurance, utilities, and homeowners association dues. We send owner funds with a detailed accounting statement earlier than anyone, on or about the 7th of every month. We can provide you with funds even quicker through direct deposit to your account.

Need to place a tenant?

Review our leasing service options to get your home professionally rented, with the best marketing, comprehensive tenant screening and the most thorough inspections anywhere including an eight-page written inspection, dozens of digital photographs which are time- and date-stamped for your protection and even video of the property inside and out.

Trouble with tenants?

Having difficulty with a delinquent tenant? We will attempt to resolve the issue or we can work in tandem with our attorney to process an unlawful detainer to get possession of your property restored to you. Our lawyer works on a flat-fee basis and specializes in evictions. We will serve your tenant the proper legal forms, processing all the necessary paperwork and will even represent you in court if the need arises. As professionals, we constantly strive to provide the most current information, and stay on top of changes in Federal, state and local laws and codes.

Still have questions?

Learn even more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions Click Here from owners. You may call Janet at 916-961-RENT (Ext. 199) and she’ll be happy to speak with you, or fill out the form above for a comprehensive information packet that makes it all very easy.